Vue-screen: Reactive media queries

Warning: Version 2.x only supports Vue 3.
v1 docs are available here



Reactive screen size and media query states for Vue. Supports your favourite UI framework out of the box, and can be configured with any custom breakpoints.



  • Reactive and debounced screen size
  • Reactive media query states and device orientation
  • Detect touch screen capability
  • Breakpoints for most common ui frameworks provided out of the box: Tailwind, Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation, Materialize, Semantic UI
  • SSR compatible with Nuxt module included. Nuxt module development is pending Nuxt 3 release


npm i vue-screen
yarn add vue-screen

Quick start

Use with composition API

import { useScreen, useGrid } from 'vue-screen'

export default {
    setup() {
        const screen = useScreen()
        const grid = useGrid('bulma')

        return {

For advanced configurations, check out the docs website.

Use as a plugin

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import VueScreen from 'vue-screen'

// In App.vue
  .use(VueScreen, 'bootstrap')

// In MyComponent.vue
        <li>Current breakpoint is: {{ $grid.breakpoint }}</li>
        <li>Window width is: {{ $screen.width }}</li>
        <li>Window height is: {{ $screen.height }}</li>

Upgrading from v1

v2 introduces a few breaking changes both in the configuration and in the API. Read more about them in the docs section.