Vuejs Dialog Plugin: A promise based alert plugin

Vuejs Dialog Plugin

The Vue.js Dialog Plugin offers easy implementation of alerts, prompt and confirm dialogs, along with the option to be used as a directive.

Check the Demo page.

  • Usage as a method
  • Usage as a directive
  • Different confirmation types


  • Alert Dialog - one button
  • Html Dialog - style/format content
  • Basic confirm - close instantly
  • Loading Dialog - Useful with ajax
  • Reversed Dialog - switch buttons
  • Fade Dialog - Animation
  • Bounce Dialog - Animation


To start working with the Dialog Plugin use the following command to install it.

$ yarn add vuejs-dialog

The following example makes use of both the directive & method way.

Import in your project

import VuejsDialog from "vuejs-dialog"

// Tell Vue to install the plugin.
dialog () {
    this.$dialog.confirm('Are you sure you want to continue?')
    .then(function () {
        console.log('Clicked on proceed')
    .catch(function () {
        console.log('Clicked on cancel')


<button @click="dialog">Normal dialog</button>
<!-- Usage as a directive (new) -->
<button v-confirm="">As a directive</button>

If you don't pass a message, the global/default message would be used instead.

More options are available here, if you would like to do more with your dialogs, such as a loading Dialog - useful with ajax or a reversed Dialog.

If you would like to explore more about Vuejs Dialog Plugin, head to the project's repository on GitHub, where you will also find the source code.