VuePeople: Find and connect with Vue developers around the world


While the Vue community is growing every day and projects keep popping up, individuals and organizations may be hard to track. Here is where Vue People steps in and serves as a network that can help connect the members of this community. If you chose you can join by using your GitHub account, add your details, let other users see that you are available for hire, add your social media accounts and organization, pick your tags based on what you like to do/work with and pinpoint your location.

To search other people near you or around the world, you can scroll around the map or use some filters (nuxt, vuex, vuetify, etc.) to discover Vue developers & enthusiasts or a meetup that might be happening close by.

No devs in Antartica huh? No devs in Antartica huh? is a network that connects the Vue.JS community with events and work opportunities. is open sourced. You can contribute or submit a ticket at

Created with love by Pulilab.