VueRibbon: MS Office ribbon component, built on top of Vue


VueRibbon is a JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 implementation of the Microsoft Office ribbon control, built on top of Vue, Vuetify, and ES6. The Ribbon is a way to organize related commands so that they are easier to find.

VueRibbon is a lightweight component designed in compliance with Google Material Design with a big set of features, tools and icons and comprehensive API and events. Also, VueRibbon is easy to extend and adapt to any possible use cases and application scenarios.

Check the demos for more application scenarios.

There is a set of inbuilt tools and is easy to extend. The list of the currently available tools in VueRibbon, like Tabs & Quick Launch Toolbar.

The Ribbon Component Built on Top of Vue and Vuetify has a download option for a trial version