Webix 4.2 with Vue.js intergration

Webix is a Javascript Framework and html5 UI library for Web app development which offers various widgets and controls, with Offline Support, Server-Side Integration, Mobile Apps Friendly. The latest release of UI components library includes 4 new things:

  • Vue.js integration
  • updated Spreadsheet
  • Web Worker for Pivot complex widget
  • npm support.
  • 4.2 release will also include a lot of small improvements.

Vue.js integration:

New library version provides the possibility of integrating Webix and Vue.js with the help of a special adapter. Starting from 4.2 version, you will be able to use advantages of this lightweight and fast MVVM framework inside Webix-based apps and Webix widgets inside Vue.js apps.

Webix 4.2 release launched on February, 23.

By Stanislav Eremenko.